Overview of the current construction sites

Where What is being done? Period Restrictions More info
L77 near Niederbühl Tree care work 28. February until Thursday, March 2, 2023 Country road is temporarily closed Tree maintenance work on the L77 near Niederbühl: country road temporarily closed
Closure from Engelstraße intersection District heating pipeline Herrenstraße 13. February until May 15, 2023 In the next phase of construction, Herrenstrasse will be closed from the Engelstrasse intersection to the police underground parking garage from Monday, Feb. 13, to an estimated Monday, May 15. Herrenstraße district heating pipeline: closure from Engelstraße junction - advice to cyclists
Zay Street Sewer renewal 9. March until March 31, 2023 In the second construction phase, Zaystraße will become a cul-de-sac due to the full closure at the junction with Honsellstraße from Kaiserstraße and from Herrenstraße. Road closures in Honsellstraße and Zaystraße
Honsellstrasse Sewer renewal 13. February until March 8, 2023 During the closure of Honsellstraße, access is not possible for residents, but is guaranteed for emergency vehicles. Road closures in Honsellstraße and Zaystraße
At the hare grove Sewer renewal 25. January until March 31, 2023 During this period, Sibyllenstraße will become a dead-end street from the junction with An der Ludwigfeste to the intersection with Am Hasenwäldchen. Am Hasenwäldchen partially closed
Rhine promenade Plittersdorf The Rhine promenade is being completely redesigned. 24. October 2022 until probably end of October 2023 All parking spaces on the Rhine promenade are closed. The ferry service and the L77 are not affected by the reconstruction work. Redesign of the Rhine promenade
Herrenstrasse and Lyceumstrasse Extension of the local heating network, laying of a cooling line, construction of a new bus stop. In addition: Sewer renewal between Rheintorstrasse and Lyzeumstrasse, redesign of Herrenstrasse between Lyzeumstrasse and Engelstrasse. Easter 2022 until probably mid 2023 The work will be carried out in several construction phases. For this purpose, the individual road sections in Herrenstraße and Lyzeumstraße have to be fully closed. https://www.nahwaerme-rastatt.de/
Rauentaler Straße between Alter Bahnhofstraße and Hardbergstraße Construction of a new stormwater overflow basin, partial renewal of sewers, and rehabilitation and redesign of streets and sidewalks September 2022 until probably August 2025 Construction work in four phases. Expected to last until mid-March 2023: Closure of the access road from Ludwigring (Karlstraße) in the direction of Rauentaler Straße (city center). Large-scale detour via Lützowerstraße and Kehler Straße as well as detour from Rauentaler Straße in the direction of Ludwigring via Finkenstraße. New construction of stormwater overflow basin
Ludwigring/Rauentaler Street Reconstruction of the intersection area between Franzbrücke to Bahnhofstraße and from Rauentaler Straße to Alte Bahnhofstraße In addition: partial renewal of the combined sewer, relocation of gas and district heating lines. March 2022 until probably mid-2023 Current: Closure of the access road from Ludwigring (Karlstraße) in the direction of Rauentaler Straße (city center). "Next construction phase Rauentaler Straße: access from Ludwigring no longer possible"
Berlin ring Sewer renewal in four road sections, currently in Berliner Ring. Construction phase Berliner Ring: November 2022 until probably March 18, 2023 Closure of the Berliner Ring between the Kniebisstraße junction and the Woogseestraße junction. Detour via Zollersbühnstraße. Detour of bus line 236. "Berliner Ring closure from November 21"