East commercial and industrial area

The commercial and industrial area East (GE Ost) is located directly on the A5 highway, the border to the city center is formed by the tracks of the Rastatt train station. The inner area, the so-called Alt-GE Ost, is located in the immediate vicinity of the railroad station and is a historically evolved area with small-scale use. Large-scale industrial and logistics areas are located in the outer area along the highway. For example, the factory premises of Siemens AG and basi Schöberl GmbH & Co KG and the central warehouses of Aldi Süd and EDEKA Südwest.

Aerial view of the commercial and industrial area east
Name: East commercial and industrial area
Net area: approx. 268 ha
Area type according to development plan: GE / GI / SO
Companies located here: around 200 companies
Free space (net): approx. 55,000 m²
*of which is owned by the municipality: 15.000 m² (GE-Rotacker)
* of which is privately owned: 40.000 m²
*Largest available area: -
*Smallest available area: -
*Purchase price in €/m2: -
Standard land value: 100 €

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