OB election in Rastatt

Official final result of the run-off election for Lord Mayor on October 15. Monika Müller is the new mayor of Rastatt with 50.26 percent of the vote

Official final result OB election October 15

Mayor Pütsch congratulates Monika Müller on her election victory

Run-off election: Monika Müller new mayor

New OB Monika Müller

Statements by Müller and Mayor Pütsch

Historic town hall in Rastatt

Information on the run-off election on October 15

Polling station in the technical facilities

Interactive map of polling stations

Graphic final result OB election

Official final result OB election September 24

Mayor Pütsch video message mayoral election on September 24

Video of OB Pütsch on the OB election September 24

Slip of paper with red cross and pen

Info OB election September 24

Mayor Pütsch

Call for OB Pütsch OB election September 24

The five OB candidates on stage in the BadnerHalle

Impressions of candidate presentations